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NASA Satellite Images Prove Hurricanes Are Man-Made, And More Are Coming — Prepare for Change

As Hurricane Jose is set to reach a category 5 storm following in Irma’s pathway of destruction, fresh evidence emerges from NASA satellite images that the recent record-breaking weather is actually man-made and that more is to follow. As Hurricane … Continue reading

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Hurricane Patricia Fueled By HAARP?

I believe so. Visit the post for more. Source: Hurricane Patricia Fueled By HAARP?

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Military Sees Future In Using Microwave Weapons

  Military Sees Future In Using Microwave Weapons.

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Geoengineering and Corporatization of Global Food Supply

Originally posted on Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon:
Monsanto/Syngenta: From Gene Giants to Agribehemoths A proposed merger of seed and pesticide conglomerates portends a new level of monopoly over the first link in the global food chain (PDF Report) . 5/14/2015…

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Chemtrails St. Simons Island

It happens in the early mornings and goes all day well into the evening. Day after day of aerosol spraying heavy metals in the sky to block the sun.

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