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Anthony Fauci “has no clue and no authority to lecture on what is good for India”

Originally posted on Desultory Heroics:
By Colin Todhunter Source: Dissident Voice In light of the current COVID-related situation in India, Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US adviser on COVID, has called for India to implement a hard lockdown and for…

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Originally posted on Mario Murillo Ministries:
CNN praised the writhing pornographic display of filth between Cardi B and Megan Three Stallion at the Grammys as “a sex positive performance.” It takes a debased mind, beyond my comprehension, to even come…

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#SoSorry – Being White But Doing It Right…..

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Todays spotlight falls on the Life-Line Expedition. Now, try not to laugh. The Life-Line Expedition gathers whites together to wear chains and yokes and march together to atone for the sins of their white ancestors. Taking…

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Jeffrey Epstein Dies Of “Suicide” — Desultory Heroics

By Caitlin Johnstone Source: Disappointing everyone yet surprising no one, accused sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has “committed” “suicide”. Details are muddled and conflicting, with CNN reporting that Epstein “was taken from New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center … Continue reading

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Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Banks Meet the Definition of Terrorists — Desultory Heroics

Common threads persist throughout definitions of terrorism: violence, injury or death, intimidation, intentionality, multiple targets and political motivation. Big pharma, big oil and big banks meet them all. By Paul Buchheit Source: Mint Press News Various definitions of terrorism have … Continue reading

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via Flu outbreak across America—really?

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Big Pharma’s control over the news

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The World is Going Down With Trump | Paul Craig Roberts

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
On June 21 the editorial board of the Washington Post, long a propaganda instrument believed to be in cahoots with the CIA and the deep state, called for more sanctions and more pressure on Russia.…

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The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

American Intelligence Media Audio  readings of this article can be found here: Part 1  Part 2 Betsy and Thomas discuss the article below in this audio. At first, this article might make you mad as hell. Then some of you … Continue reading

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Media Normalization of Geoengineering: “The Fact Is, We Are Living Through a Test Already” — CosmicMind “Maybe you do not believe there has been any “solar geoengineering” or “atmospheric geoengineering” because you don’t believe government agencies would spray people or the atmosphere with anything because that just sounds like crazy sauce. Before making up your … Continue reading

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