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How the US Became a Warmonger Police State

SUPPORT YOUR WEBSITE Donate Now How the US Became a Warmonger Police State Paul Craig Roberts Professor David Ray Griffin is a tenacious person. He has wri Source: How the US Became a Warmonger Police State

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NASA Satellite Images Prove Hurricanes Are Man-Made, And More Are Coming — Prepare for Change

As Hurricane Jose is set to reach a category 5 storm following in Irma’s pathway of destruction, fresh evidence emerges from NASA satellite images that the recent record-breaking weather is actually man-made and that more is to follow. As Hurricane … Continue reading

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Study: Flu Shot Associated with Spontaneous Abortion in Pregnant Women — AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

The annual flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the market today, a fact that is not in dispute. The most recent report from the Department of Justice submitted at this year’s Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) meeting … Continue reading

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