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Hillary is running against locker room talk and the Russians

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Source: Paul Craig Roberts, by Paul Craig Roberts Russia’s very able Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said that the US presidential campaign is “simply some sort of a global shame” unworthy of the American people. She certainly hit…

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Weather Weapons are Real, They Have a Treaty to Regulate Them

There is still a sizable portion of our society who cannot grasp the reality of weather altering devices and technologies which have made us all unsure about which weather is real, and which ones a… Source: Weather Weapons are Real, … Continue reading

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Vaccine manufacturers paying out millions to victims while still claiming they’re ‘safe’

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Source: Natural News, by Amy Goodrich Think about it: If vaccines are perfectly safe, then why does a federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exist, and why are pharmaceutical companies paying out millions of dollars to vaccine…

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Pediatricians Warn Cell Phone Radiation Poses Cancer Risk to Children

The nation’s largest group of pediatricians warns parents against needlessly exposing children to cell phones due to a new government study linking cell phone radiation to cancer Source: Pediatricians Warn Cell Phone Radiation Poses Cancer Risk to Children

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