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This story could be the smoking gun for false-flag operations

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Wikipedia exposed: Dominated by drug company trolls; health information totally wrong

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Another World Is Possible | Photo – Google+

JoAnn Chateau SOURCE: Photo – Google+ View original post

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How Rigged Voting Machines Are Stealing Our Elections

Hacking Democracy Directed by Simon Ardizzone and Russell Michaels (2006) Film Review Hacking Democracy is about Bev Harris, founder of Black Box Voting, and her efforts to end the systemati… Source: How Rigged Voting Machines Are Stealing Our Elections

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Orlando: Another false flag event??

Originally posted on The PPJ Gazette:
Vivian Lee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OP-ED At 4:30 pm, the “dead” are still apparently inside the night club – just like the kids reportedly left inside the Sandy Hook school. What – they didn’t take them…

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Zika: message to purveyors of medical fraud

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:
Zika: message to purveyors of medical fraud by Jon Rappoport June 7, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) The Zika-microcephaly connection is scientific nonsense. Let me run…

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