ObamaCare Death Spiral: America’s Largest Health Insurer Ready to Bail

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The departure of UnitedHealth Group could be the death blow not even ObamaCare’s most stubborn and dishonest defenders can spin away.

Watching one state co-op after another keel over from fiscal heart attacks was enough handwriting on the wall, as UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley specifically mentioned the failure of co-ops as one of the major factors making his board nervous.

As Forbes describes it, UnitedHealth basically dipped a toe in the ObamaCare waters but might be about to pull it back before they get frostbite:

UnitedHealth Group in a surprising announcement, said this morning it has revised its profit expectations for the rest of the year due to what it called a “deterioration” of its individual commercial insurance offerings on government-run exchanges under the Affordable Care Act and offered no commitment it would stay in the business beyond next year.

The nation’s largest health insurer said it was…

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