More Evidence Hurricane Joaquin Engineered by Covert Weather Weapons

And it is not just here in the US, it’s global. However it seems like the US manufactures the most severe storms against US cities and other continents standing in the way of global dominance, political power and opportunities to make obscene amounts of money.

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Kennedy JFK the Weather Modification Chemtrails Header

Oct 12, 2015:  The HAARP REPORT brings evidence of Hurricane control, using Ionospheric Heater technology.

The first video demonstrates how Hurricane Joaquin was deliberately steered into the Bahamas, and then, to Bermuda.

These island nations are apparrently not paying the Wall Street gangsters their Hurricane protection money, so the climate gangters have been called in to apply eco-terrorism against these wealthy island nations where centers of off-shore banking and currency exchanges are abundant.

Don’t miss the related article on insurance fraud involving the El Faro – a container ship “reportedly” lost to Hurricane Joaquin under highly suspicious circumstances. (More)


Update 10/5:The evidence now shows that TS Joaquin was (also) instrumental in providing the moisture and energy necessary to create a “thousand-year” historic flood in South Carolina engineered by massive deployments of aerosols combined with piezoelectric pulsing that released torrential rains over targeted areas.

NASA Sat Joaquin: 10/2

Terra: Wide

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