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Hurricane Patricia, Weather Warfare, Power Structure Desperation, And Climate Disintegration

Originally posted on FLOW OF WISDOM® | SEAN ANTHONY: Dane Wigington Hurricane “Patricia” is only the latest glaring example of the power structure’s manipulation of Earth’s rapidly unraveling climate system. Hurricane manipulation has long since been “business as usual” for…

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Hurricane Patricia Fueled By HAARP?

I believe so. Visit the post for more. Source: Hurricane Patricia Fueled By HAARP?

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44,000 medicinal plants fill the amazon rain forrest and only 1% have been studied by Dr.’s and scientists. I’ve always been interested in natural holistic medicine and I’m excited to watch this film that documents a few people that venture … Continue reading

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More Evidence Hurricane Joaquin Engineered by Covert Weather Weapons

And it is not just here in the US, it’s global. However it seems like the US manufactures the most severe storms against US cities and other continents standing in the way of global dominance, political power and opportunities to … Continue reading

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Details from ‘The Clintons’ War On Women’ Will Horrify You

Hillary recently stated that all rape victims deserve to be believed. But what about Paula Jones? Juanita Broaddrick? Kathleen Willey? Eileen Wellstone? Carolyn Moffet? Elizabeth Ward Gracen? Becky Brown? Helen Dowdy? Kathy Ferguson? Christy Zercher? Source: Details from ‘The Clintons’ … Continue reading

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