How Flouride Damages The Brain

Jasper and Sardine


Fluoride was originally added to the water supply sometime around the end of World War II in an effort to improve overall dental health. Despite the well wishes, the public did not anticipate the physical health dangers. Now, more and more people are recognizing the effects, and one of those is how it damages the pineal gland.

If you’ve never heard of the pineal gland, know it’s got a pretty important job. Located in the center of the brain, it’s responsible for melatonin synthesis (which plays a role in maintaining normal rhythms and sleep cycles), and also helps convert signals between our nervous and endocrine systems.

Unfortunately, the pineal gland can develop problems because it can also absorb a lot of fluoride — even more than our bones.

Something about melatonin: it’s thought to act as a neuro-protector that could play a role in the aging process andAlzheimer’s

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2 Responses to How Flouride Damages The Brain

  1. In 2011, a group of about 60 New Plymouth residents persuaded the New Plymouth District Council to remove the industrial fluoride from our water. We had a lot of support from NZ’s Fluoride Action Network, which helped us procure medical and dental experts to make submissions to Council.


    • Kymber says:

      Wow, I’m sure that was quite a fight, but well worth all of your efforts. I just got a flouride filter for the shower and have done my research (hopefully it’s correct!) about bottled water that not flouridated and only drink that. It’s mind boggling to me why it was put there in the first place. That’s impressive to that you had dentists on your side. Usually most plug flouride and use it for treatments, etc… Mostly they’re brainwashed. Thanks for your comment 😊


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