Luke Rudkowski Confronts Anderson Cooper: “Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?”

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Kymber Shafer is a Georgia-based activist who aspires to continuously question the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. #TheTruthIsHere
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6 Responses to Luke Rudkowski Confronts Anderson Cooper: “Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?”

  1. PeaceFrog says:

    I saw your re-blog from Memoryholeblog, and thought you might be interested in looking at my blog. Any feedback is appreciated:


    • Kymber says:

      Awesome, I’ll check it out. 🌎 I’m thinking about starting a club for truth bloggers, like “BloggingTruth” or something like that…I’m finding there are a lot of us. Peace


  2. PeaceFrog says:

    Thanks, a truth blog sounds like a great idea. With such abundant information on False Flag operations, right back to the declassified Operation Northwoods, I wonder why a collaborative book or video on “An Idiot’s Guide to Government Conspiracy” is not published. Even Wikipedia, a very closely monitored venue, with many government “Editors” (in my personal experience) has a page on foreknowledge of the 911 event.

    God bless and keep on being a truth soldier!


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    • Kymber says:

      Yes, Keith we need to band together to stay informed and hopefully inform others. That’s actually a good idea to have a way to blog “Idiots Guide to Gov. Conspiracy” or something like that. Although there are videos on YouTube that are mini documentary I was also thinking of a club, like “Bloggers for Peace”, something like that. With a mission statement and logo bloggers can pin on their front page. Should you be interested in something like that? I checked out your blog a little bit, but plan to read more today. You have a lot of information and it looks really good. It’s frightening what can be done to your mind and body without even knowing. I’ve been wondering about the attempted murder of Jeff Rense the other day if it might of been an Energy Weapon or something ?? He knew he was being followed earlier in the day. Take care! Peace. Kymber > > >


  3. PeaceFrog says:

    Yes, a blogger’s for peace club sounds interesting. Also, the whole Rense thing has eerie overtones to the apparent military-style neutralization of Michael Hastings. Hastings also stated that he was under surveillance hours before the “accident”, in his new Mercedes, that several automobile engineers said was virtually impossible to be an accident (the engine was found, in pristine condition, several hundred meters back from the fireball wreck).


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