ObummerCare, Thanks Barry, But You Shouldn’t Have



There are deeper implications to the Affordable Care Act, aka Forced Health (sick) Care for all US citizens that go deeper than just what they are selling the US population on main stream media outlets. Apparently, the American health system, IRS and our Government DO decide and assume you want to belong to the US Healthcare system. What if you don’t want it, then what? Even more significant, the penalties are not clearly defined by the IRS.  My understanding is the first year of noncompliance costs around $95, the next year goes up significantly to $695, and each subsequent year it rises higher depending on your income and age. Sounds like another scam job invented by the Governmental bedfellows such as our deplorable Health Care System, Pharmaceutical Industrial Machine and the squeaky clean IRS to enforce it all.


Because of my belief in Natural and Herbal Medicine for 3 years I have chosen to not be apart of the Main Stream Healthcare System. I also can not afford private healthcare. More recently, I made the decision that I didn’t want it anyway and devised my own natural health care regime. If it’s available, I want to purchase a catastrophic coverage policy only and have my primary care Dr. be a Natural Medicine Dr. or Practitioner for annual exams, diagnostic and preventative care. A real Health Care advocate that through natural homeopathy and herbal remedies I can prevent disease and not have unnecessary diagnostics recommended for woman my age. I am not alone with my choice to treat my body with Preventative or therapeutic Organic Foods (Mostly), Herbs, Homeopothy, Sunlight, light exercise and keeping a positive outlook. The healthiest people I know have used these methods for years and are healthy, happy and thriving.  I am in charge of my healthcare decisions so I am calling all the shots (thank you very much)! This/My stance empowers me to take care of myself the way I see fit.

Not following the masses is a personal choice and what’s more personal and important than your health care decisions? Without your health you don’t have anything and the overreach of our Government healthcare mandates a one size fits all approach to medicine does not work for everyone. The third leading cause of death in the US is because of medical mistakes. That tells me the medical establishment is doing a lot wrong! This year I’ve learned to look inside for my answers or I send out my questions/dilemma to the universe and beyond for signals to show me the way and I somehow am lead to a alternative natural solution every time…I make it a habit to NEVER believe what the MSM is saying and always question the “Experts” and certainly seek alternatives when Dr.’s tell you there are no other options. It’s a lie, there are many natural options. Our “keep them coming back” Sick Care System that practices invasive, costly, toxic concoctions outdated and mostly ineffective or uncaringly overkill have ruined countless lives. Why don’t people ask where the cancer/Disease is coming from and why instead of throwing money at cancer research with people “running for the cure” instead of researching why we are getting cancer in the first place? For thousands of years people have used what grows in the earth as food and medicine and its worked quite well. Our current system of health care is to medicate, cut, poison, burn, and if you’re still alive, REPEAT! It’s estimated Hospitals and Big Pharma make about $300,000 per cancer patient. Think about that.

A wonderful Healer friend of mine in the UK told me recently about a frequency diagnostic system/machine that a Natural Dr. or Practitioner hooks you up to called Physiospect. It’s designed to hone in via frequency to your cells, chromosomes, DNA, organs and systems in your body and scan them for abnormal changes, finding issues even before you have any symptoms. Not only does the Physiospect diagnose problems, but the affected area can be treated with frequency waves that target the problem with no ill effect to healthy cells. Only the damaged cells are repaired. along with supportive self after-care of Homeopathy there is an impressive success rate personally seen in people my friend has referred and personally taken to the practitioner with serious illnesses. All Cancers, unknown mystery diseases, organ failures and damage and many others maladies pharmaceutical companies hope and help you to get, can be treated. I’m so excited about the Physiospect Machine and will Update this article when I locate a center in the US. A link below will show you of one such center in the UK. Please comment if you have information of US centers with Physiospect.

I’m interested and employ methods that use gentle and natural solutions to disease prevention. I feel that prevention is an absolute must to keep your body in top health. With our Chemtrail poisoned air, chemicals and Fluoride in drinking water and pesticides and GMOs in most foods, I choose how to nourish and treat my body by employing and keeping my mind open to natural foods and remedies. I will not comply with main stream medicine. And I really resent the fact that USA, Inc has made themselves the authority over my healthcare choices. No matter what I choose to do, it’s my body, my choice and will be my decision. At this point, I have more confidence in my health care knowledge, choices and education than our profit driven healthcare system that’s designed to make you a repeat customer. I’m not paying a cent for coverage not wanted or paying penalties incurred. Period. Stay well friends.

In Good Health,



http://www.physiospect-diagnostics.com http://healthmaven.blogspot.com/2009/11/mammogram-scam.html http://organicindia.mercola.com/herbal-supplements/turmeric.aspx http://organicindia.mercola.com/herbal-supplements/turmeric.aspx http://www.essiac-tea.org

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Kymber Shafer is a Georgia-based activist who aspires to continuously question the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. #TheTruthIsHere
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1 Response to ObummerCare, Thanks Barry, But You Shouldn’t Have

  1. Capt Jer says:

    Glad to hear someone is sticking up for the general public. I agree the main stream medical system is costing people to much money with no good results. keep up the good work!


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